Burn’s Day Lunch

School enjoyed a traditional Scottish Burn’s Day Lunch of Haggis after Mr. Mackley and Mr. Bourdiec addressed the haggis.  We celebrated by singing Auld Lang Syne and listening to the history of Robert ‘Robbie’ Burns.

Wonderful Warburtons Workshop

Today the children in Year 3 took part in a healthy eating workshop with Warburtons. We learned about the history of the company and reminded ourselves of what we need to have in a balanced and healthy diet. We were then given the opportunity to make our own sandwiches which we thoroughly enjoyed eating as a morning snack! The children then watched a video about how Warburtons make their bread and the jobs that are available there. The children then discovered their role in stopping food waste. We had an amazing session and wish we could do it every morning!

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St. Mary’s Got Talent- Year 3 Round 1

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Today the children in Year 3 showed off their talents for the first round of St. Mary’s Got Talent. We had dancers, gymnasts, comedians, actors, football tricks, readers, singers and skipping. We were amazed by all of the different talents in our wonderful class. We couldn’t have been more proud of the people standing up to perform. We all then voted and four acts got through. We cannot wait to see the acts again in round two! Well done everyone!

The Knitted Bible

Yesterday our Minnie Vinnie’s had a lovely time visiting St Mark’s and St Cuthbert’s Church in South Shields, to look at 33 different knitted scenes form the bible. We were amazed by the work that had gone into each one, they were brilliant. We worked together to complete a quiz on the different stories. Our favourite was Jonah and the Whale and Noah’s Ark! A huge thank you to St Mark’s and St Cuthbert’s.

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Fantastic French

Today the children began their new topic in French. Their new topic is called Les Animaux which means that they are going to learn about the names for common pets. We began by practising the new vocabulary and then played some games where the children used actions and sounds and the children had to guess the animal using the terms in French. The children had great fun learning new vocabulary.