Year 1 Class Liturgy

Children planned and lead us into prayer during our class liturgy today. We passed around a cross and shared how God looks after us and what we are sorry for.

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Laudato Si

Children lead a liturgy all about ‘our home, the world’. Children shared what they were thankful to God for and let their worries float away in the water. A lovely liturgy attended by parents and friends of St Mary’s.

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Harvest with Barnabas – Year 2

On Tuesday, Barnabas came into deliver a Worship at the beginning of the morning. We then shared stories, acted out, sang songs and games all about Harvest. The children had lots of fun exploring different stories and learning all about Harvest.

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Year 2 Liturgy

Year 2 gathered this morning to reflect and rejoice in our Wednesday liturgy. The children chose to sing I am special by Bernadette Farrell and we listened to the word. We then went around in a circle, holding the candle, saying what we are thankful for. Going forth, we placed all our worries into a bowl in our hands and blew them away. 

Year 2 Liturgy – International Day of Peace

Today year 2 gathered with their families to celebrate the international day of peace. As part of the year of Mary, each month we have a different focus. This month it is peace. The children planned their liturgy around how they could be peacemakers. The children also shared their own peace prayers. We offered each other the sign of peace and shared our peacemaker quotes with our families.

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