European Day of Languages Competition Y5

Today in French Y5 participated in the European Day of Languages Competition.

The theme of the competition was ‘A recipe (for happiness)’. As our current topic is about food, the children were able to create some recipes including fruits and vegetables. Some children chose a more abstract idea and created a recipe which included; having friends, a loving family, playing football and sharing a smile. The results are fabulous. Fingers crossed that we might win some vouchers, but regardless of the judges decisions, we think you are all winners!

Well done Year 5!  Fantastique!

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Year 4 Class Liturgy

Today in our liturgy, we sat in a circle and lit a candle. The children shared a reading from the Letter of Saint Paul which tells us how Jesus asks us never to give up and to always try to keep doing what he asked. They also read a poem from the book of praise which encouraged us to be joyful for all of the wonderful things we have.

Our Gospel reading came from the Gospel of Saint Mark which tells us not to be afraid and that Jesus will always be with us. The children selected two very joyful hymns; ‘He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands’ and ‘Sing it in the Valleys’ which they all sang beautifully.

At the end the children shared their thoughts about how the liturgy made them feel.

A beautiful, spiritual liturgy, well done Year 4!

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Year 3 Class Collective Worship

Today in Year 3 our worship was led by Jessica, Madeleine, Rahman and Dylan. We sat in a circle and thought about the words of Jesus in John’s Gospel. We reflected on how important it is to love each other and we are going to think carefully to make sure we forgive others.

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Year 4 RE Role-play

In RE this week we have been learning about the story of Jacob. Within small groups, we re-enacted the roles of Isaac and Rebecca and their two sons Esau and Jacob to develop our understanding of the story and the characters through role- play.

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Year 3 Writing Prayers

Today in Year 3 we thought about the role of prayer in Jesus’ life and how he would have been guided in his faith. We all decided to create prayers to tell God what is important to us in our lives and we thanked him for the lovely things he has given us.

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Year 3 Gathering Data

This week in maths we are learning about gathering and displaying data. We have linked our learning to our creative curriculum topic of Italy. Today we were gathering data to display in a tally chart. We went on a hunt to find Italian foods which were placed around the school. We all had a great time tallying our results. When we got back to the classroom, we talked about the frequency and how we can add this column to our table of results. A great lesson Year 3.

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Congratulations to our new head boy, Luca, and our new head girl, Gracie! You will be fantastic representatives for our school and your fellow students! All of our Year 6’s who made speeches today did an absolutely AMAZING job and should be very, very proud of themselves!

Another BIG congratulations to our new House Captains and Vice Captains, who made their speeches during pastoral care. Well done to everybody who took part in today’s celebrations! What a great way to end our week!

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Y4 Liturgy

This week our class liturgy was planned, organised and presented by some of the children. We opened the liturgy with one of our favourite hymns, ‘Gather’. We sat in a circle and the children sang and performed the actions beautifully.We listened to the story of Abraham from the book of Genesis, which is linked to our RE topic called ‘People’. The children took time for reflection as they passed a candle around the circle.For our mission we decided to ‘greet others with a smile’ and it is lovely to see the children carrying this out successfully.

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