Brilliant Bridge Builders

Today the children in Year 3 went to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. The children were given a guided tour of the museum where they found out information about different types of bridges and learned about the different bridges across the River Tyne. The children then used their design and technology skills to test which bridge would be the strongest and were then challenged to create their own bridges with a budget. The children loved the challenge and it was lovely to see their bridges in action. Well done Year 3 for another lovely visit out of school.

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Snots and Sneezes

Year 3 have had a fantastic afternoon learning all about bacteria and snots!

The children took part in a workshop run by Newcastle University. During the workshop the children found out some very scary facts about bacteria and what they can do to our bodies, but they also found out that some bacteria are friendly bacteria and good for our bodies.

During the session the children used a UV light to see how much bacteria was on their hands before and after washing them. They designed their very own bacteria, but by far the best part of the afternoon was making their very own snot!

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Incredible Investigators

Today the children in Year 3 carried out their own investigation. They tested different surfaces to see which surface created the best bounce for a ball. The children used their equipment effectively and predicted which surface they thought would be the best. The children then displayed their data in a table and in a bar chart. The children in Year 3 are having an amazing time in science week!

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Super Science Workshop

To begin our week of science, Year 3 were able to take part in a workshop. The children were able to create their own slime which was very fun and messy! The children then created an erupting monster head using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. The children had a brilliant time and now cannot wait for the rest of our science activities.

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