Laudato Si

Children lead a liturgy all about ‘our home, the world’. Children shared what they were thankful to God for and let their worries float away in the water. A lovely liturgy attended by parents and friends of St Mary’s.

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Year 1 Liturgy

Some children within year 1 planned a class liturgy last week. They delivered this to the rest of our class during our morning worship. All the children went forth greeting everybody with a smile.

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We are treasure hunters!

We have started our new topic within ICT. The children have had fun using a map and directions to guide them to the final destination!

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Maths Fun!

Today, we had lots of fun exploring number bonds to 10 using Numicon and cubes.   


Year 1 have started their R.E topic about ‘families’. Some children within the class made a fantastic set of puppets to re-enact how families show love and care.

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Year 1 Marine Park

Year 1 had a fantastic day at Marine Park. We had fun sketching the bandstand, riding on the train, playing in the park and enjoying a picnic. Everybody was delighted to have an ice-cream from Minchellas to cool us down!

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