Boldon Lodge Trip – YR2

Today the year 2 children visited Boldon Lodge to read the story of the monkey puzzle. The children had to find the parts of the story around the woods and then put it together in order. We then shared the story around the logs and set out to make our own monkey masks. We used the resources in the wood to decorate our masks and we then made our very own monkey den. We had lots of fun and loved exploring in the woods and making nests. Brilliant!

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Year 2 Athletic event

On Friday the children attended Temple Park to take part in an athletics event with other schools in South Tyneside. The children had lots of fun and learnt lots of new skills too!

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3D Shapes

Today in maths we have been exploring 3D shapes. We looked at the nets and had to say what 3D shape it could be. We then opened up the shapes to see the nets.

We then made our very own 3D aliens and presented them to the class.

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A big well done to our girls in year 2, who went above and beyond with their reading this week. When reading at home they enjoyed finding out so much about Real Heroes in history that they made puppets to retell what had happened in the events. Keep up the good work girls!


Reading Fun!

This week year 6 came to share a story with year 2. Year 6 read with the year 2 children and they then worked together to answer questions about the story. Great team work! Thank you year 6!

Year 2 Library Visit

Wednesday 8th February

Today year 2 visited our local library to celebrate national storytelling week. Together we shared the story of Superworm and acted out the actions to the story. We then designed our own Superworm and shared storied in the library. We had a great time and cannot wait to go back!


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Chinese New Year Lunch

We had special guests come into our school for lunch today. Our parents from Year 2 came to have lunch with their children to celebrate Chinese New Year. We had a range of dishes to choose from and even a fortune cookie to open too. Thank you to everyone involved for making it such a lovely lunch!

Xie Xie Ni!

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