Wonderful Winter Gardens Trip- Year 3

Today the children in Year 3 explored the Winter Gardens. They took part in a workshop learning about the different animals in the rainforest and loved exploring the museum. The children were able to discuss lots of interesting facts and the people at the museum were very impressed. Well done Year 3!

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Jarrow Festival

The sun was shining as we joined the Dragon Parade on its route through Jarrow. We all had a wonderful day. Well done to year 3 for making the dragon and everyone from St.Mary’s who turned up to help or to support us on the route.

Year 3 Year of Mary Liturgy

In this special month of May, the children gathered to celebrate the crowning of Mary. The children reflected on Mary’s role in Jesus’ life and how important she was. We enjoyed singing hymns to celebrate and shared prayers to reflect on this special time of year. A lovely liturgy Year 3.

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Tremendous Timing in Year 3

Today the children in Year 3 began to time events in seconds and minutes. The children practised counting to a minute with their eyes closed and realised this is actually quite difficult. The children then used stopwatches on the iPads to time themselves taking part in a range of activities. They had a great time making towers of cubes, counting to 100 and completing head, shoulders, knees and toes 20 times.

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Year 3 Dragon Workshop

Today the children in Year 3 began to create their dragon for the festival. They each took on different roles to create the head, legs and body. The children used a range of materials and can’t wait to finish their creation next week. It looks amazing!

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Year 3 Dragon Dance Workshop

Today the children in Year 3 took part in a dance workshop. The children are taking part in a Dragon Festival on 27th May 2018 where the children are going to make their own dragon to parade with. The children in Year 3 were very excited when they learned that they were also going to move like a dragon. The children were taught a dance to help their movements in the parade and were then set the challenge in groups to create their own moves that they can use. We cannot wait to show off these moves in the parade and we hope lots of people are going to come and see us.

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Dress Up Day

Today the children dressed up for our Back to the Future Day. We had a range of amazing costumes with people dressed up from the past, the future and as a book character. We had to share our costumes with you all.

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Mona Lisa Masterpiece

As part of our reading week the children listened to the story of Leonardo and the Flying Boy. The children really enjoyed listening to the story and learned more about Leonardo da Vinci. The children were then set a challenge to create a display in a day. The children coloured in pieces of the Mona Lisa and then pieced this back together to create their own masterpiece. Their work was amazing!

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Amazing Author in Reading Week

Today the children in Year 3 had a visitor. Mark Carton was in our school as part of our reading week. He read The Book Spy with the children and gave actions that they had to do as he read certain words. The children then had a great time solving riddles. It was great to hear from an author.

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No Pen Day Performances

Today the children were not allowed to use pens. The children were told that they had to create a performance about an author from the past. The children in Year 3 loved learning about Dr Seuss and his stories. The children then used their performance time to tell their audience a little bit about Dr Seuss and then performed actions to his story Oh, The Places You’ll Go. The children loved Dr Seuss’ phrase…

The more that you read, the more you things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

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