Investigating 3D Shapes

Today the children were set the challenge of creating 3D shapes from a range of materials. The children were asked to make 3D shapes out of play dough, nets of shapes and art straws. The children then had to investigate the amount of edges, faces and vertices that their shapes had. The children loved making lots of different 3D shapes.

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Today Ava, Jack and Ryan H were asked to represent our school at an event at South Shields Town Hall. The children were asked about whether they knew what an election was and what candidates were. They were then told the story of a land who needed to have an election to find its new leader. The children were then taken to the chambers and listened to the two candidates. In secret the children then placed their votes and they helped to elect Sally Shoelace as the new leader of Staryland. The children had an amazing time and Miss Waite was extremely proud of how well they represented our school.

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Creating Clay Landmarks

Today the children in Year 3 were set the challenge of creating Italian landmarks using clay. Lots of children created The Colosseum and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. We all had great fun modelling the clay and the children were very proud of their creations. Now we have to wait for them to dry out.

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School Council Speeches

Today in Year 3, the children were given the opportunity to deliver their speeches to the rest of the class to allow us to vote for our class councillors. We were so proud of all of the members of our class who had the confidence to read their speeches to the rest of the class. The speeches were so amazing that we found it difficult to vote for only two candidates. We now can’t wait to hear who our new councillors are.

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Year 3 Spellings

This week the children are going to be tested on Set 4 of their spellings.


Investigating letters

In Year 3, we are learning about informal letters. We were able to investigate examples of formal and informal letters to find their similarities and differences. After studying different letters, we were able to practise our use of informal language by writing a postcard to a friend. We found that Year 3 are brilliant at thinking of examples of informal language that they could use in their writing.

Let’s compare England and Italy

Our creative curriculum topic for this half term is Italy. We decided that we should compare Italy to England. We had great fun using our school iPads to research and record information about both countries.

Wonderful Winter Gardens Visit

Today the children in Year 3 were able to visit the Winter Gardens Museum. The children were able to experience a rainforest environment and learn about the animals that we would find in the rainforest. The children were extremely well behaved and the lady who led the workshop was so impressed with the knowledge that the children had about rainforests. Year 3 had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed their day out of school.

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Respecting our Rainforests! Year 3 Assembly

Today the children in Year 3 took part in their creative curriculum assembly. The children were able to tell the other children and parents about all of the amazing things that they have learned. They were able to sing a song about the layers of the rainforest, showed off their tribal wear and displayed their rainforest landscapes. They had an amazing time and I am so proud of them all! Well done Year 3!

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them all! Well done Year 3!

Year 3 Collective Worship

Today our collective worship was led by Ollie, Jasmine, Maesie and Jake. We reflected upon the words on Isaiah about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and we were able to create responses to this worship which we placed on our class prayer tree. Thank you for a lovely collective worship.

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