European Day of Languages Competition Y5

Today in French Y5 participated in the European Day of Languages Competition.

The theme of the competition was ‘A recipe (for happiness)’. As our current topic is about food, the children were able to create some recipes including fruits and vegetables. Some children chose a more abstract idea and created a recipe which included; having friends, a loving family, playing football and sharing a smile. The results are fabulous. Fingers crossed that we might win some vouchers, but regardless of the judges decisions, we think you are all winners!

Well done Year 5!  Fantastique!

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Year 5 Liturgy

Today the children lead a liturgy celebrating our special qualities and talents. Children shared their qualities with one another and explained how they could help each other.

Year 5 – Class Liturgy

The girls in Year 5 prepared and lead a wonderful class liturgy about being a ‘Peacemaker’. Children discussed their talents and thought of ways to help others.

Y5 science and engineering workshop!

On Thursday Y5 were very lucky to work with Ben an engineer; who came to teach us about our solar system. We had a great morning learning about the planets, forces and how to use solar energy. It was great! We all had so much fun and learned lots of interesting things!


Solar energy!

Beauty and the Beast

Year 5 went to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday; their reward for outstanding behaviour and attendance, last half term. They had a fantastic morning at the cinema munching away of their snacks throughout the film. Some of us even had a little singalong and shed a few tears.

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Spelling Bee Champions 2017!

A huge well done to Ashton, Ellin, Kaila and Niamh who were victorious in winning the Spelling Bee final at the Open Zone in the Word following their impressive performance in the heats last week.

The girls of year 5 were triumphant, but it was a very close call between them and Simonside Primary as both teams drew and had to take part in the Knockout round.

They competed in 4 individual rounds and 3 team rounds, one of which included some very tricky conundrums. These are the jumbled words we were faced with, so let’s see if your skills match theirs!

  1. c o c a s u i t
  2. a l g a e g u n
  3. a c a m e l b u n
  4. e a t e n m r o w l
  5. t o e n a i l t r a i l