Spelling Bee Champions 2017!

A huge well done to Ashton, Ellin, Kaila and Niamh who were victorious in winning the Spelling Bee final at the Open Zone in the Word following their impressive performance in the heats last week.

The girls of year 5 were triumphant, but it was a very close call between them and Simonside Primary as both teams drew and had to take part in the Knockout round.

They competed in 4 individual rounds and 3 team rounds, one of which included some very tricky conundrums. These are the jumbled words we were faced with, so let’s see if your skills match theirs!

  1. c o c a s u i t
  2. a l g a e g u n
  3. a c a m e l b u n
  4. e a t e n m r o w l
  5. t o e n a i l t r a i l

The Transport Police Visit the Mini Police!

The Mini Police were very fortunate in having a visit from the transport police, who were kind enough to show them all of the features of the police car and talk about the duties that they carry out.

They had the opportunity to sit in the front seat, explore all of the on board equipment and listen to the sirens!

Easter Lunch with Year 5!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Year 5 Easter lunch. We hope that each and every one of you enjoyed yourselves!

Year 5 Netball Tournament

We were fortunate to take some year 5 children along to Temple Park today to take part in a netball tournament as run by School Games, Tyne and Wear Sport. They had so much fun competing in competition with some great game play! We were able to submit 2 teams and so the competitiveness shone through when they played each other where St. Mary’s B beat St. Mary’s A 1-0.




What’s the Matter? – Newcastle University Outreach Visit

Years 5 and 6 were treated to a morning from Newcastle University last Thursday where they explored various states of matter. They had great fun, with lots of hands on activities, in finding out the difference between solids, liquids and gases.

Admittedly (even for us) the “Elephant’s Toothpaste” experiment was a hit! We’ve put our science heads on to tell you a bit about it

The foam that’s made is special because each tiny foam bubble is filled with oxygen. The yeast acted as a catalyst (a helper) to remove the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide. Since it did this very fast, it created lots and lots of bubbles. The children were drawn towards noticing that the bottle got warm. The experiment created a reaction called an Exothermic Reaction – that means it not only created foam, it created heat!

This experiment is called “Elephant’s Toothpaste” because it looks like toothpaste coming out of a tube, but don’t get the foam in your mouth!

IMG_2611 IMG_2610 IMG_2609 IMG_2608 IMG_2607 IMG_2606 IMG_2605 IMG_2599 IMG_2615 IMG_2614 IMG_2613 IMG_2612

Arts Mark Treats!

Year 5 busy making their Christmas Pudding Truffles for the Arts Mark fayre.



Making the mixture.


A real team effort!


Creating the detail.


The truffles are shaped.


Melted chocolate goes on top.