Structure club

This week at structure club, the children had to work out how to build a bridge that would be strong enough to allow the emergency services (a toy fire engine!) to cross it. They were given a set amount of money and had to work out how much money to spend on paper, paper clips and tape. They worked in teams and were all successful. Well done…

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Rainbow Toast

During breakfast club this morning we had lots of fun experimenting with science. We added food colouring to milk and painted designs onto our bread before popping it into the toaster to cook.Take a look at our tasty masterpieces.

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Fidget spinning club

Today at fidget spinning club, everybody shared their favourite trick with the group and then we created our own group trick. We had to spin the spinner and catch it with the other hand whilst it was still spinning! The boys and girls were brilliant!

Let’s make a scene!

Today in drama club we started by playing a rhythm game which was quite tricky and we warmed up our voices. We were then set the challenge of creating a scene which involved a dragon and a castle. We all had great fun performing in our groups and can’t wait for next week!