Superb Segedunum

Today the children in Year 3 visited the Roman fort Segedunum in Wallsend. The day started with snow which made us all very excited. We arrived at Segedunum and began a workshop where we learned how to become Roman soldiers. We learned about their uniform, their oath and how to march into battle like a Roman. We then enjoyed our lovely packed lunches and had a trip up the tower. In here we could see the remains of the fort and this looked magical with the snow lying on top of it. After that we explored the museum and loved taking part in lots of fun activities. We had an amazing day and didn’t want to come back to school. We now can’t wait to keep learning about the Romans.

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Youth Friday

This year for Youth Friday Year 5 prepared a liturgy for the whole school. We followed the youth Friday liturgy and children from year 4 and 5 completed a liturgical dance. We all listened to the message from the Bishop. We brought forward our YES prayers from each class during the liturgy, that we had prepared during a class sessions preparing for Youth Friday.

In St Mary’s we say YES!

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Marvellous Multi Skills

Today the children in Year 3 took part in an event at Temple Park. The children were placed into groups and were able to take part in a range of activities to practise various skills. The children were being coached by girls from St. Wilfrid’s and the children learned passing skills, skipping skills, MMA techniques and so much more. The children had an amazing afternoon and were extremely tired when we were heading back to school.

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Christmas Creations

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Today the children in Year 3 have been working extremely hard. The children created their Christmas crafts for the Christmas Fayre on Friday. The stockings that the children made are brilliant and are filled with little treats. The children cannot wait for you all to see these on Friday!


Yesterday the Year 1 children had a fantastic time at the cinema. They were so excited as they made their way into the screen to receive their extra special reward. Once they were all settled they were given their snack-boxes to enjoy along with the film. The children laughed all the through the movie and even pretended they were Captain Underpants all the way back to school.


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“It was really funny and so silly.” Gwen

“I’ve had the best day.” Livia


A visit from the Dentist.

This week the children in Year 4 had a visit from Grange Road West Dental Practice. The children found out about how to keep their teeth clean and why  it is so important  to keep their teeth clean. They also found out about the foods they need to eat to keep their teeth healthy. The children were shocked at the amount of sugar in their favourite drinks.