Y3 Class Worship

Today our worship was planned and delivered by Riley, Sam, Megan and Yazmin. We gathered and made the sign of the cross on the forehead of the person next to us. We then listened to the story of the Baptism of Jesus. We responded by thinking about the story and we used water to make the sign of the cross on our heads. This helped us to think about the time of Jesus and his Baptism. We all then enjoyed singing ‘Sing it in the Valleys’. Another lovely and reflective worship led by Year 3.

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Y6 Barnabas

Today, our Year 6 class participated in Barnabas Day. We took part in a very special collective worship this morning. Later in the day, during our class session, we focused on the themes of sharing and equality. This was a great opportunity to explore new parables, some of which we even got to act out!

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Y3 Harvest Workshop

Today the children took part in a workshop with Mr Hudson from Barnabas about Harvest. We thought about how we need to be thankful, generous and how sometimes things don’t seem fair. We role played different stories and discussed what we wondered and what characters may have learned. We also thought carefully about how to say yes to God.

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Y6 Hockey Tournament

Today, our Year 6 class competed in a hockey tournament against 12 other schools in our area. After a long afternoon of playing many games, our team successfully made it to the finals. Our finishing team were awarded Silver Medals, and we all will receive a certificate for our outstanding effort! Well done Year 6!

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Year 5 – Barnabas

Children in Year 5 got to understand what is meant by ‘fairness’ through acting out Naboth’s Vineyard. Children discussed the moral of the story and how to be generous for what we have.

Y3 Promises RE

Today the children explored their new topic of promises. The children listened to the story of Paul and his karate club. In this he discussed the rules and promises he had to make. The children then discussed the groups that they belonged to and the promises they had to make to be part of their groups. We loved hearing about the clubs that we are part of and the promises we had to make.

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Brighten Up Harvest

A huge thank you to everyone for their donations today! Today we brightened up St Mary’s with bright coloured socks to support Cafod. All our children and staff, wore bright coloured socks and donated food to our Harvest campaign. All our donations will go to our local charity; The Key Project.

Welcome Mass

Today we gathered to welcome the new reception children, new staff at our  Mass. Our year 6 children led the Mass and our choir sang beautifully. It was a lovely mass led by Fr Saji and Deacon Kevin. Our reception children attended Mass for the first time and our year 6 children received their House Captain and Vice-Captain badges.

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Reception Welcome Assembly

Today St Mary’s welcomed the new reception class into our family. Thank you to all of the Year 6 pupils who looked after and supported their ‘buddies’ on their special occasion. The children from reception have formed such positive relationships with their ‘buddies’ and it is lovely to see. We would like to say a huge thank you to the families of the reception pupils for all of their support today. We hope you enjoyed finding out about what the boys and girls enjoy doing and what they would like to be when they grow up.

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