Year 3 Diwali Day

Today Year 3 took part in Diwali Day as part of our World Religion Week. We discussed earlier in the day what Diwali was and how Hindus and people all around the world celebrate this. We then took part in a workshop with Jay where we explored dot mandalas. We had great fun making our pieces of art and loved learning all about Diwali.

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Year 4 Liturgy

Today the year 4 children presented a very prayerful and thought-provoking liturgy. They read from the Gospel of St Matthew which explained how we should care for each other in a way which Jesus wants us to. The reading tells us that if we do something for someone then we are also doing something for Jesus.

The children also read from the letters of St Paul which tells us how we should use our bodies to help others and that we should do so in a cheerful way.

We reflected on the readings and the children asked us to think of ways to help others.

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Year 3 Class Collective Worship

Today the children gathered in the shape of a candle for their worship led by Jak, Lexie-Ann, Laini and Harrison. The children sang gather and reflected on the words of St. Paul. The children then made a promise to follow the message of Jesus as we sat around a lighted candle. The children thought that the worship was very thoughtful and peaceful. Another lovely worship in Year 3.

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Y6 – What is truth?

In R.E. this week, we have began to look at some of life’s BIG questions. Today, our question is ‘What is truth?’.
We looked at the ancient question, ‘If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?’
We discussed this at great length and created for and against arguments in our groups. We then took an independent look at the question and spilt the class into those who believed the statement was true, and those who thought it was false.
We then took a deeper look into the question, ‘If something can’t be proven, can it be true?’ and completed a questionnaire.

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Year 1 Class Liturgy

Children planned and lead us into prayer during our class liturgy today. We passed around a cross and shared how God looks after us and what we are sorry for.

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Y3 Litany of Saints

Today the children in Year 3 created a Litany of Saints as we were learning about the prayers in the Sacrament of Baptism. The children then worked in groups to research a saint and they shared their findings with the class. We had a lovely time learning about the different saints.

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Laudato Si

Children lead a liturgy all about ‘our home, the world’. Children shared what they were thankful to God for and let their worries float away in the water. A lovely liturgy attended by parents and friends of St Mary’s.

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Y 4 Liturgy

This week in year 4 the children presented a very prayerful liturgy. They explained about how God makes everything grow. Together we sang ‘This Little Light of Mine’ and discussed how we all have lovely qualities; given by God. During reflection we passed a heart shaped pebble around the circle and thought about everything we are thankful for.

We ended by singing ‘If I were a butterfly’. This was chosen so we could give thanks to God for making us who we are.

The children’s comments included; ‘I know that God is always with us’.

Thank you Year 4.

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Year 2 Class Worship

This Wednesday the children planned their Worship based around our topic Baptism. They shared the reading of Jesus Baptism and sang the hymn Here I am Lord. We shared a prayer and in our mission we found a few moments of quiet, to go and prayer for others.

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