Welcome Word

Welcome to St Mary’s RC Primary School. We are a one form entry school with a 78 place nursery school in Jarrow that also offers a two year old provision for up to 16 children.

Our Mission statement states what we are about and what we want for all of our pupils:

We plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. We provide yeast that produces effects far beyond our capabilities.

(Archbishop Oscar Romero)

St Mary’s is a ‘family’ where children are nurtured, encouraged, supported and challenged to reach their full potential in a safe and caring environment and both children and their families are included and  respected. Our Golden rules are moral values which underpin all the choices and decisions made by all in school.

Our most important Golden Rule is:-

“Do to others what you would have them do to you.” – Matthew 7:12

We are kind and helpful – we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings

We are gentle – We don’t hurt others

We listen – We don’t interrupt

We work hard – We don’t waste our own or others’ time.

We are honest – We don’t cover up the truth.

We look after property – We don’t waste or damage things.

Children are rewarded for demonstration of these values in school.  We hope to instil these values in our children to enable them to become independent, well mannered, confident, responsible and engaged young people and adults.

We believe that all children can achieve and we strive to provide the highest quality education and care to enable this to happen. We support all children to make sure they reach their full potential and make good or better progress during their time with us.

We deliver a Curriculum that is relevant to all children and allows for the highest levels of enjoyment and engagement. Each theme / topic is enhanced by a visit or visitor and ‘real’ learning experiences.

At St Mary’s we see ourselves as an extended family.  This is underpinned by our pastoral system where children from all year groups mix to become part of a family group. We care for each other and work as a team learning about PSHE topics, world news and British Values.  We actively help and support parents and families with concerns and issues as well as celebrate achievements with them.  We have an open door policy and staff members are always available to parents, carers, family members and pupils.

This website is intended to give visitors from our own community and further afield, prospective pupils and their families an insight into our caring, friendly, vibrant and successful school. We hope also that you will find it an accessible source of information and perhaps take the time to let us know what you think about our website. If you require a paper copy of any of our school documents please contact the school.

M.Graham           Head Teacher

International Languages Day!

Year 5 celebrated International languages day at St Wilfrid’s College on Monday.

The children sang ‘Head and shoulders…’ in Czech and taught the song to lots of other children from different schools. We also had the opportunity to ‘visit’ lots of other countries! We ‘went’ to China, learned how to count in Portuguese and even learned how to do the ‘Cha cha cha’. It was great fun!

Jarrow Festival

The sun was shining as we joined the Dragon Parade on its route through Jarrow. We all had a wonderful day. Well done to year 3 for making the dragon and everyone from St.Mary’s who turned up to help or to support us on the route.

Y4 Hexham Abbey Visit

Yesterday, our year 4 class went on a trip to the historic Hexham Abbey. Whilst we were there we learnt a new liturgical dance, which some of us will be able to perform at our first Holy Communion. We used this time to reflect and think about our love for Jesus and the cost of love.

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Gymnastics festival

We all enjoyed visiting Temple Park to take part in this year’s gymnastics festival. The children were very well behaved and enjoyed balancing, practising their forward rolls and travelling and jumping off the large equipment. What a busy day!

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Great end to reading week!

We have had so much fun this week. We’ve read books from the past and the future and we’ve done some amazing writing. We had NO PEN DAY on Tuesday and performed some great sketches. On Wednesday we had a visiting author and today we have been dressed as characters. Brilliant week!

Fizzy Colour Fun in Year 3

Today the children had lots of fun finding out what happens when an acid and alkali are mixed together. The children found that they react and create a gas. We have loved being scientists this week.

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