Year 1 Liturgy

Some children in Year 1 planned our class liturgy this week. They were excellent at leading the liturgy to the rest of the class and ending with one of their favourite hymns ‘Gather’. Children’s mission this week was to ‘greet everybody with a smile’.

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Year 3 Class Collective Worship

Today we gathered for our first class collective worship. The children thought carefully to plan their collective worship and this was led by Paityn, Ellie, Reece and Harry. We gathered in a circle and passed around a cross while we thought about Jesus and his presence in our lives. We thought carefully about the words of St. Paul and enjoyed singing This Little Light of Mine. A lovely collective worship Year 3.

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Year 3

Year 3 have worked extremely hard this week getting used to their new routine. The children have loved starting new topics for all of their subjects and learning new things! This week we started to explore our homes topic in RE, where we talked about what makes an ideal home and how these things can make us feel. The class also planned a worship which they are looking forward to leading next week in class. We cannot wait to share some of the excellent work we have been taking part in.

Year 2

Year 2 have settled very well into their new routine in year 2 this week, working very hard! We started to explore our new belongings topic in RE, where we talked about new beginnings and how it made us feel. We also shared the hymn; The wonders I see and created actions to match, which the children have planned to sing in next weeks worship. 


International Languages Day!

Year 5 celebrated International languages day at St Wilfrid’s College on Monday.

The children sang ‘Head and shoulders…’ in Czech and taught the song to lots of other children from different schools. We also had the opportunity to ‘visit’ lots of other countries! We ‘went’ to China, learned how to count in Portuguese and even learned how to do the ‘Cha cha cha’. It was great fun!

Jarrow Festival

The sun was shining as we joined the Dragon Parade on its route through Jarrow. We all had a wonderful day. Well done to year 3 for making the dragon and everyone from St.Mary’s who turned up to help or to support us on the route.

Y4 Hexham Abbey Visit

Yesterday, our year 4 class went on a trip to the historic Hexham Abbey. Whilst we were there we learnt a new liturgical dance, which some of us will be able to perform at our first Holy Communion. We used this time to reflect and think about our love for Jesus and the cost of love.

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Gymnastics festival

We all enjoyed visiting Temple Park to take part in this year’s gymnastics festival. The children were very well behaved and enjoyed balancing, practising their forward rolls and travelling and jumping off the large equipment. What a busy day!

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