Year 2 Liturgy – International Day of Peace

Today year 2 gathered with their families to celebrate the international day of peace. As part of the year of Mary, each month we have a different focus. This month it is peace. The children planned their liturgy around how they could be peacemakers. The children also shared their own peace prayers. We offered each other the sign of peace and shared our peacemaker quotes with our families.

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Year 4 RE Role-play

In RE this week we have been learning about the story of Jacob. Within small groups, we re-enacted the roles of Isaac and Rebecca and their two sons Esau and Jacob to develop our understanding of the story and the characters through role- play.

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Year 3 Writing Prayers

Today in Year 3 we thought about the role of prayer in Jesus’ life and how he would have been guided in his faith. We all decided to create prayers to tell God what is important to us in our lives and we thanked him for the lovely things he has given us.

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Year 3 Gathering Data

This week in maths we are learning about gathering and displaying data. We have linked our learning to our creative curriculum topic of Italy. Today we were gathering data to display in a tally chart. We went on a hunt to find Italian foods which were placed around the school. We all had a great time tallying our results. When we got back to the classroom, we talked about the frequency and how we can add this column to our table of results. A great lesson Year 3.

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Year 2’s Discovery Museum Rocket Work shop

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The children (staff and parents)had a fantastic day visiting the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. At the museum the children took part in a work shop finding out more about George Stephenson and his locomotive train The Rocket. The children were then challenged to design their own locomotive using a variety of materials such as wooden wheels cotton reels, cardboard and paper cups.

The children’s designs were fantastic. We then put their locomotives to the test looking for the locomotive which travelled the furthest in the quickest time

Structure club

This week at structure club, the children had to work out how to build a bridge that would be strong enough to allow the emergency services (a toy fire engine!) to cross it. They were given a set amount of money and had to work out how much money to spend on paper, paper clips and tape. They worked in teams and were all successful. Well done…

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