What does learning look like at St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School?

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School is officially open from 9am- 3:30pm each day which equals to 32.5 hours per week. We do provide a breakfast club from 8am and a tea club from 3:30-6pm. In addition, we provide 5 weeks of afterschool activities per half term on a Tuesday to Friday from 3:30-4:30pm. We open our classrooms from 8:45am each morning to allow children to settle and begin their learning promptly at 9am; activities are provided during this time.

At St. Mary’s, our curriculum offer is fully embedded. All changes were implemented into the curriculum in 2021-2022 or before this; meaning that the curriculum that is taught to the pupils is well developed in every subject. We have specialist teaching in Science, Music, French, PE and Computing. The teachers all receive high quality training, which is linked to our School Development Plan, to ensure that the lessons that are taught to the pupils are all of an exceptionally high standard.

We meet the needs of all pupils. As part of the wider curriculum, we ensure that the children are given an exceptional range of experiences.

Supporting gifted pupils

Adaptive Teaching

Quality of education at St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Family Learning at St. Mary's

Exceptionality at St. Mary's

Aspirations and Careers


EYFS Curriculum Overview


EYFS overview

What to expect in the EYFS

EYFS Scrapbook


Whole School Curriculum Overview


Curriculum policy

Enrichment Offer

Curriculum coverage


Curriculum areas


Art and Design

Art and Design Coverage

Art and Design Coverage cont.

Art and Design Curriculum Statement

Art and Design Curriculum Aims

Art and Design Curriculum Narrative

Art and Design Scrapbook



Computing Overview 

Computing Curriculum Statement

Computing Curriculum Aims

Computing Curriculum Map

Computing Scrapbook


Design and Technology

Design and Technology Coverage

Design and Technology Coverage cont.

Design and Technology Curriculum Statement

Design and Technology Curriculum Aims

Design and Technology Curriculum Narrative

Design and Technology Scrapbook



English Coverage

English Curriculum Aims

English Curriculum Statement – Reading

English Curriculum Statement – Writing

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Writing Scrapbook



French Coverage

MFL overview

French Curriculum Statement

French Curriculum Aims

MFL Curriculum Narrative

MFL Scrapbook



History Curriculum Coverage

History Curriculum Coverage cont.

History Curriculum Statement

History Curriculum Aims

History Curriculum Narrative

History Scrapbook



Geography Curriculum Coverage

Geography Curriculum Coverage con

Geography Curriculum Statement

Geography Curriculum Aims

Geography Curriculum Narrative

Geography Scrapbook



Maths Coverage EYFS – Y6

Maths Curriculum Aims

Maths Curriculum Statement

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Maths Scrapbook



Music Coverage

Music Curriculum Statement

Music Curriculum Aims

Music Curriculum Narrative

Music Scrapbook

Music Development Plan



PE Coverage

PE Curriculum Statement

PE Curriculum Aims

PE Scrapbook



Phonics  Coverage

Phonics Curriculum Statement

Phonics and Reading Scrapbook


Personal Development and RSE

Personal Development and RSE Coverage

Personal Development Curriculum Statement

Personal Development Curriculum Aims

Eco-School Action Plan

RSE Coverage

Diocesan Curriculum Framework

PD and RSE Scrapbook




RE Curriculum Statement

Religious Education Curriculum Aims  

Home – Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle (


Word Mats:







Age Related Standards

Age Related standards 3-19 in Religious Education – version 5 (2)

UKS2 9-11

LKS2 7-9

KS1 5-7

EYFS 3-5 (1) 



Science Coverage

Science Curriculum Coverage cont. 

Science Curriculum Statement

Science Curriculum Aims

Science Curriculum Narrative

Science Scrapbook



Curriculum Policies

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National Curriculum – Parents Guide

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Remote Learning

Due to a long term illness or surgery, your child may have access Remote Learning via Google Classroom. We will provide all resources necessary. If needed, please discuss this with a member of staff.

The Pupil Progress Booklets can lend you a helping hand if you are wanting to provide additional support to your child.

Each booklet lists every skill your child needs to know for the Key Stage 1 and 2 English, Maths and Science Programmes of Study — outlined in the National Curriculum.

They’re split up by subject and topic so it’s easy to tick off what your child has mastered — or what may need a little more practice!