Spelling Bee Champions 2017!

A huge well done to Ashton, Ellin, Kaila and Niamh who were victorious in winning the Spelling Bee final at the Open Zone in the Word following their impressive performance in the heats last week.

The girls of year 5 were triumphant, but it was a very close call between them and Simonside Primary as both teams drew and had to take part in the Knockout round.

They competed in 4 individual rounds and 3 team rounds, one of which included some very tricky conundrums. These are the jumbled words we were faced with, so let’s see if your skills match theirs!

  1. c o c a s u i t
  2. a l g a e g u n
  3. a c a m e l b u n
  4. e a t e n m r o w l
  5. t o e n a i l t r a i l

The Transport Police Visit the Mini Police!

The Mini Police were very fortunate in having a visit from the transport police, who were kind enough to show them all of the features of the police car and talk about the duties that they carry out.

They had the opportunity to sit in the front seat, explore all of the on board equipment and listen to the sirens!

More Than Dance – Year 2

Today More than dance company came into Year 2 to teach us treasures through prayer and dance. We looked at how we are the treasures of God and we shared how we can go forward and shine our light and follow in Jesus footsteps. We created our own treasure map, made up of ourselves. We then shared our dance and prayers with the whole school at the end of the day. It was a very lovely day, in which we reflected on ourselves and how we treat others, remembering we are the treasures of God. A big thank you to Deacon Kevin and the girls at more than dance for such a wonderful day!

Please watch our video’s below:  IMG_1441


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Year 1 Liturgy

On Friday the 9th June Year 1 Presented a Liturgy to the school and their parents about the topic ‘Holidays and Holy days’. We thought about our own memories of holidays with family members, talked about how we might prepare for these and drew pictures of our personal experiences. We also talked about the ways that Christians celebrate Holy days such as Christmas and Easter and considered how the Holy Spirit changed the lives of the apostles at Pentecost. We loved acting out the events of Pentecost and learning new hymns about the Holy Spirit.


Polar Explorer Programme

Image result for STEM

The children at St Mary’s have been given an amazing opportunity to take part in the Polar Explorer Programme.

In 2014 the Government announced a £200 million investment for a new polar research ship. The RRS Sir David Attenborough will enable world-leading research in Antarctica and the Arctic for the next 25 years. 

Image result for RRS Sir David Attenborough

The Polar Explorer Programme will use  RRS Sir David Attenborough, to bring an exciting new context to the learning of STEM subjects in the classroom.

This week Year 2 and Year 5 children worked alongside our Polar Ambassador Mr Neil Willis and carried out some exciting investigations about the design and building of the research ship.

Year 2 worked scientifically to investigate and design the best shape for a boat. They then had to think about how their boat would float on fresh and sea water.

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Year 5 also worked scientifically to investigate the best shaped boat front to cut through ice (we used sand). The children then had to make their own diver using straws and play dough. Their diver had to exert  zero gravity whilst in the water .

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The children had a fantastic morning and cannot wait for their next challenge as Polar Explorers.