Year 5 become astronauts!

Mission 1- Astronauts have just arrived on the planet’s surface and are now able to confirm – Tim’s discovery is a new planet! Unfortunately, during landing their communication equipment (walkie-talkies) was broken. Equipment is strewn around the activity area alongside and underneath large boulders. Astronaut teams are in a coned off ‘safe zone’. They must retrieve satellite phones from the activity area and return back to their safe zone. The teams will need to decide how they will use the boulders to build a communication platform inside their safe zone. The signal will only work if the platform is built to an agreed height. Each team to be given a time limit to construct their platform. If they take too long, teams will not be able to communicate to confirm the new planet, nor will they be able to return back to Earth


Mission 2- Once the oxygen balloon is in position, the astronauts set out on their mission to collect rock samples and place them into the special rock sample collection bucket. At no point must the air balloon be dropped. In the event of this happening, astronauts must return to their craft immediately and re-set the oxygen balloon. Pairs can travel to and from the spacecraft as many times as necessary to collect and deposit rock samples.

Mission 3- Teams must use the ropes provided to retrieve yellow fuel rods from the exclusion zone. Astronauts must work together to retrieve the power rods and place them in their generator Once all the rods have been retrieved and safely placed in generators, the power will be restored and the ship is saved! At no point can a human enter the exclusion zone and fuel rods cannot be handled – they must only be transported via rope. Touching fuel rods or entering the exclusion zone will result in ALL fuel rods being returned to their starting position.