Code of Conduct

Golden Rules


Our most important Golden Rule is:-

“Do to others what you would have them do to you.” – Matthew 7:12


At St Mary’s we are:


We are READY to learn –

We arrive at school on time.

We have the correct uniform and PE kit.

We have our equipment ready.

We show that we are listening and we are ready to try our very best.




We listen when others speak- one voice.

We respect the property of our friends and the school.

We respect that other people have different ideas, beliefs and backgrounds to our own.

We respect our teachers, friends and community.

We respect the law and the rules of school and society.



 We are SAFE –

We move around school in a safe manner.

We have kind hands

We follow instructions to keep ourselves safe.

We use equipment safely.

We stay safe online and make safe choices in our community.


These Golden Rules are the moral values which underpin all the choices and decisions made by all in school.


Crawley Ridge Infant School - Our School Motto